Whatever happened to Cold War spy Christopher Boyce?

If you haven’t already read Christopher Boyce’s book American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman, you really should.

Today—October 19, 2017—marks the publication of the 40th anniversary expanded edition of American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman, written by Christopher Boyce, Cait Boyce, and Vince Font. You can find the book in hardcover from a variety of online booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

The new book was published to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the arrests and convictions of Christopher Boyce and Andrew Daulton Lee in 1977, but that’s not the only milestone its publication observes. 2017 also marks 20 years since Andrew Daulton Lee was released from prison, 15 years since Christopher Boyce was released from prison, 15 years since he and Cait Boyce became husband and wife—and five years since the crazy notion to put the whole story down on paper was first hatched.

The 2017 edition of American Sons includes expanded content, all-new sections, never-before-seen photos, and a beautifully redesigned dust jacket. The final product represents a year of hard work. In that time, we performed a full re-edit of the original manuscript, expanded sections we felt needed expanding, and incorporated dozens of pages of new content.

Some of the new content includes…

  • A foreword by Pulitzer Prize nominee Bryan Denson, author of The Spy’s Son.
  • A preface by Cait Boyce.
  • Editorials written by Christopher Boyce and published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune during his time at Oak Park Heights prison.
  • An afterword by Vince Font.
  • A postscript by Christopher Boyce.

Writing a book is hard work. Perfecting that work in a manner that does justice to the story is even harder. We hope you’ll find the 2017 edition of American Sons worthy of the effort it took, and worthy of your interest.

Since the book is being distributed by the Ingram Book Company, it will be available to chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble, as well as independent bookstores and libraries. If you’d like to help spread the word, we encourage you to call your local bookstore and library and ask them to carry American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman (40th Anniversary Edition).


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